Personal development is needed in order to build character in each individual who is certainly one of the steps to be personal best of the best.
Characters will reflect one’s personality through how humans behave, experience and thinking. Self development need to change the existing character in every human being with says of becoming a better person and be able to develop the potential that exists in the person.

Changing characters can only be done through habituation to positive activities in supporting the values of life. Characters can be well-formed in various phases. The WSA in the various programs will strive for personal development with steps process



Start the World Study Abroad Programs not only on the implementation of the program, but the preparation and debriefing for all delegates on the stages of mentorship. Briefing and training before heading to the field will be carried out to give a preliminary view as well as a description of that learning will take place.   So that, in the implementation of the program only apply what they have previously set during the mentoring phase.



Establishing relationships with new people is certainly not easy. Many of the things that initially are not the same and there is a difference. But over time, the difference with the familiarity will make a harmonious relationship for unifying entwined. For it is necessary for this stage, in order to prepare that every individual would definitely need other people as social beings. The WSA will provide steps to unify the entire mentoring element in the achievement of the program to its full potential..



The implementation of the last phase of the process will be undertaken is the stage of program implementation. The realization of the purposes of the implementation of the program will be the dreams and goals together. A lot of things to be found at the time of this implementation process.


Team Work

Team Work is essentially human as a social creature surely need help from somebody else, good cooperation is an indication that as social beings can build any cooperation with other individuals, to appreciate the difference that equals one vision and mission in the interest of many parties.


Publick Speaker

Dare to voice what is in mind, every person has a different opinion of course. Able to communicate well and not only be a handful of minorities who can only listen to but was reluctant to speak.



Creativity without boundaries. At the highest level in the life of a human being is able to develop creativity in him. Every person has different levels of creativity, but by proving that creativity and development is able to reflect the personality, then there will be characters that are formed


Have the ability to Survive can survive against the environment and new people.


Diversity in this world will be seen by looking at the direct and closer to mix together the grace of God. Achieve it by coming directly to a new place, of course, will make people more appreciative of God’s creation. Harmonization new atmosphere for the first time feel will make an unforgettable experience and will be the best memories.

The world will give you the best knowledge of the natural and social environment. Learning can be started from within and intentions, but in realizing the orientation needed to see firsthand the conditions and the situation on the ground. Study Abroad Program Gives You the opportunity to be Able to develop your potential. Very different when you learn to just take things from the library and the Internet, navigate the new landscape can open your eyes to the culture, history, a new language or your heritage. Study Abroad open network for personal growth and discovery of new expressions. When you learn to say ‘hello’ in the local language, express your opinion, to establish kinship, player together in the learning process. Will leave a note in your life to be a part of history a real contribution to the World.




Cultural Program
Different cultures makes something interesting to learn, not because it not appreciate culture itself but it can be said that the cultural diversity that exists in the world makes us better understand that preserving culture can invite to eyes of the world turned to our country.


Social Program
Each country has different local wisdom, how to maintain the local wisdom to not be ousted by modernization. It is becoming a big challenge for us to find out how the traditions of the local communities that exist in every State. The characteristic of one country becomes interesting when it there is a society which has not forgotten his ancestor.


Education Program
One of the most interesting to learn is about education in every State. How are decisions of a country against the sustainability of future generations will continue to build their country into a large concern that needs to be understood. That each country has a difference in setting the budget the education system will be used. Number of countries prefer that the education budget be given top priority, education is one of the main points of how the country can progress through the generations to come.


Economic Program
The economy in each country obviously has fundamental differences, the developed countries with the development of rapid economic development as well as development in making his country became exponentially. Many things can be learned from the economy in the developed countries, how the system they create and apply can change not just the income of the country and its people merely but also can mensejahterahkan people..


Education is the key to a better quality of life, we believe in it. Education with a lot of things can change. Education as one of the connecting bridge to realize the dreams of the children of the nation. We also believe the power range. Sharing is caring.
With the power of sharing we believe that many of the nation’s children dream will be realized.

Therefore, by following the program of the WSA, you also help children to achieve her dreams. Through the donation of 5 $ from program fees you pay then you are already a cord that connects their dreams with reality. We want to see you know and learn about the world through the WSA program, because you know that the experience is the best teacher in life. And with it we also ensure that you are on the same knowing that there are dreams that materialized from one donation you give to a child.