Student Awards is one form of the WSA award given to one of the best of each
program participant course with a qualification which we have set before.

What are the benefits of Student Awards?

Of course there will be a benefit obtained by the participant who gets the Student Awards. The main benefit is the Scholarship in the form of scholarship allowances of learning in the form of money, then also will get a Medal, as well as additional certificates.

Who can get a Student Awards?

All participants have an equal chance to get Student Awards. Participants are the best that we choose is appropriate and meets the qualifications that we have set the communication aspects, assessment of ability, discipline, and can be a leader who can deliver the best example for other participants.

How do I get a Student Award?

To be awarded the Student Award participants must follow a series of WSA program, then the participants play an active role during the implementation of the program. The liveliness of the participants can be proven with actions at the time of the program in progress.