ISS WSA (INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICE) is an integrated service for study abroad from all students over the World. Services not only focuses upon new student in the program, but will continue until the program is finished.
ISS will be home to all students in the world to know each other, life experience, and continue to unite the spirit of contributing for World future.


WSA provides services in the form of consultations on the program to the whole student. This consultation can facilitate the student get information about programs that will take place. Consultation can be carried out in full by the student in order to dig up more information about the program. So later the student already get an idea what need to be prepared prior to departure.


So many of the countries with the best education system in the world, student course will need more detail information about the countries of their dreams. The WSA will inform the countries with the best education system in order to facilitate student information about the countries they will visit dreams.


WSA provides services from heart to heart to student and parent at the time prior to when the program is in progress. The WSA will inform all coherently in the process towards the implementation of the program to the student and the student’s parents. Family as the closest observers certainly requires the same information we give also to the student. For it is through the Emergency Service Info singkronisasi expected the information we provide to student and family when urgent things happen where we need to inform.


The WSA put forward that a student who has the achievement must be the result of a good parent upbringing. For that we are putting forward Family Service, because we believe that student can follow our programs due to the full support from both parents and families. Thus, at the time prior to the implementation of the program, all of the student’s parents will we contact about the permission and blessing of prayer so that the program can run smoothly and the maximum. At the time of the execution .